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LED Lighted Palm Trees

Bring the beach within reach ... add a natural lighted palm tree to your backyard or landscape!

The Natural Palm Tree is the most realistic lighted palm tree available on the market today.
LED bulbs last longer than regular lighted palm trees.
Our trees are weather resistant which means that they will withstand our Canadian winters, snow and ice, and are UV protected against the sun's damage.
Go Green and save energy with the LED Lighted Palm Trees. Plugs into a regular 110 outlet. No need to spend money on an electrician... just plug it in and enjoy!!!
Excellent warranty!!!
Our LED Palm Trees are so realistic looking that the fronds blow in the wind.
Natural LED Palm
12' LED Lighted Palm Tree 12' LED Lighted Palm Tree in Niagara Falls Now you can create that tropical atmosphere you've always wanted... with one of our LED Lighted Palm trees from Tiki Escapes.
Our LED Lighted Palm Trees come in a variety of sizes from 10' tall to 31'. Note: The height of the tree is measured to the top of the tallest frond.
Size in Feet
Head Diameter
# of Fronds
Call for pricing

LED Lighted Palm Trees at Hooters Make a statement with one of our LED Palm Trees as seen at Hooters around the US and Canada!!
LED Lighted Palm Trees in Winter Our LED Lighted palm trees will withstand our winter snow and ice. Leave them out all year long!!
LED Lighted Palm Trees at Hooters LED Palm Trees lit up at night.
LED Lighted Palm Tree

Not only are they popular for commercial use they've also been spotted in numerous back yards around the globe. "When the sun goes down the party begins as guests enjoy the atmosphere of a tropical island resort."

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