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Custom Tiki Bars

At Tiki Escapes, our goal is to bring your favourite tropical destination home!!!!!!

What about our Canadian Climate? Can I still have a Tiki Bar in my backyard?

Our focus at Tiki Escape is on our craftsmanship and durability of our bars. Based in Orillia Ontario, we live in the same harsh Canadian climate as you do. With that in mind our bars are built to stand up to all seasons. Only high quality exterior grade materials and finishes are used in the construction of our Tiki Bars. We get asked all the time “what do we do with it in the winter? The answer is nothing!! The winter climate is actually easier on the thatch roofing than the summer; this is because moisture from rain and humidity is what affects thatch roofing the most. Snow moisture is dryer than rain and humidity so it has less affects on the thatch roofing. You will typically get 3 to 5 years out of our thatch roofs and unlimited number of years out of our Tiki Bars.
The rest of the bar is constructed to last the winter as well, some easy maintenance no different than you would have on any outdoor furniture is required but very minimal.

Thinking about an Indoor Bar? We build them also… Let us know your ideas, we can pre-fabricate a kit, or build and install it for you.

What options do I have when designing my Tiki Bar?

With endless options for exterior finishes and bar top designs we can create something unique for you and your friends to enjoy for years to come!!

Most popular Bar top finishes include:

Poured Epoxy over bamboo matting
Ceramic tile
and many others, limited only by your imagination!!

Most popular Exterior finishes include:

Bamboo matting
Manila rope
Faux stone
Exterior grade urethane
Choices are endless, limited only by your imagination!!


What should I expect behind the Bar?

We also make the bartender comfortable with unlimited options
behind the bar including:

Glass holder
Fridge units
Keg taps
Tell us what you want and we make it happen
Bar can be pre-wired with plugs for all the accessories that a bartender might need including blender, lights and television. All you have to do is plug it in!!

Building your own Tiki bar?

We are the largest importer of tropical building materials in Canada, give us a call, we'll amaze you with our selection of products and accessories for your Tiki bar. We carry a wide variety of material including:

Manila rope
Synthetic thatch (special order)
Palm leaf thatch
Latin thatch
Caribbean thatch
Cedar Poles
Full line of Tiki Bar Accessories
Tropical matting
Check out our shop online pages to see our full line products.

How long does take Tiki Escapes to build a custom order Tiki Bar?

It all depends on how many orders we have ahead of yours. Normally if we’re not busy it takes approximately 1 to 2 weeks. Spring and summer being our peek season it can take up to 4 weeks. We strongly recommend placing your order when you decide that you want a custom built Tiki Bar (even if you’re thinking for next spring) because we are extremely busy in the spring with installs. That way you will have your order placed and your Tiki Bar built over the winter months ready for you come spring. We do not charge storage fees!!!!!

I Live in another city, will you build and install a custom bar for me?

Absolutely, we work with our customers to deliver the best service possible. We will sit down with you and discuss your needs and come up with a completion and installation date that best suits you. A fee for delivery and installation will apply. For details please contact us directly at 1-877-329-4949.

What is the lifespan of my new Tiki Bar?

Not only are you buying a bar but a one of a kind custom built Tiki Bar from Tiki Escapes. You might find a Tiki Bar on the internet for less money but our focus is on our craftsmanship and durability. We want you to enjoy your new custom built Tiki Bar for years to come!!!!!!!!!

To place an order please call toll free 1-877-329-4949 or email us at




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