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Create your own residential or commercial paradise with an authentic Palapa from Tiki Escapes.

If you are ready to step out of the ordinary and into your own slice of paradise, our commercial quality do-it-yourself palapa (umbrella) kits are right for you! Tiki Escapes offers standard large 9' and 12' palapa (umbrella) kits and each palapa kit includes: 6” diameter cedar log pole with pre-cut and pre-drilled supports, commercial quality thatch (hand-tied palm rain cape), stainless and zinc-coated hardware, and of course a detailed installation guide that will walk you through every step of installation process.
Of course, Tiki Escapes do-it-yourself kits are not just for homes and personal use, they are a great solution to the never ending fading and replacement of traditional umbrellas at resorts, restaurants, bars and spas. Essentially, they can be placed anywhere you need shade. Not only are they durable, all natural and environmentally friendly but they also might just be the solution you have been looking for!

Turn your backyard into a tropical atmosphere in less than 2 hours by installing a Palapa from Tiki Escapes.
Palapas provide cool shade allowing warm air to escape through the thatch.
With the added touch of a table and some chairs you’ve just created a great place to sit with friends and family during the warm summer months.

16’ Palapa with four posts and synthetic thatch


Don’t want to install it yourself…..
that’s ok too! We can install it for you. Call Tiki Escapes at 1-877-329-4949 to book an appointment for a quote or we can do it right over the phone.


Do it yourself
kit price
Center Table
(36” diameter)


Please call for


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The advantages of using a Palapa vs. an ordinary canvas umbrella are simple:

It is generally 10-15 degrees cooler than the surrounding air temperatures since its natural breathing capability lets the breeze pass through its
hand-woven palm fronds.
They can withstand exceptionally high winds and are very low maintenance.
Untouchable beauty with relaxing benefits.


Palapas are perfect on the patio, around the pool, over
a bar and just about anywhere you seek
that tropical feel we all long for.

To place an order call Tiki Escapes at 1-877-329-4949 or email us at

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