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I love the idea but I would like to have just a sauna instead of both, can I do that?
Absolutely, you can have the unit designed anyway you like. That’s the great part of our units. They can be built to any size or shape you would like.

Do I have to use thatch on the roof or can I use regular shingles?
We get asked that question all the time. Most of our customers prefer the thatch look but you can go with any roofing material of your choice.

How long does the thatch last in our climate?

You will typically get 3 to 5 years from our natural thatch, 20 years from synthetic. No you do not have to remove the thatch in the winter. That’s way too much work. The thatch is left on the roof. Do not cover the thatch with a plastic tarp. It will trap moisture and cause the tarp to condensate and the thatch will start to rot. If you want to cover your roof you can use house wrap that lets the thatch breath.

How long does it take Tiki Escapes to build a Sauna / Cabana /
Bar Unit for me?

It all depends on what time of the year it is. We take fall orders with a fifty percent deposit, build it over the winter and set it up in the spring. You might think that the winter is a slow time for us but we find ourselves just as busy in the winter as we are in the summer. Spring installs always fill up quick so we suggest that if you are thinking on having a unit built and installed we recommend putting your order in as soon as possible. Typically on the other hand if we aren’t crazy busy we can build and install a unit for you in approximately 3-4 weeks.

What are my options when it comes to designing a Sauna / Cabana / Bar unit?

The skies the limit……….you dream it we build it.

How far will you deliver? I live three hours away!
Tiki Escapes will deliver pretty much anywhere in Ontario. Outside of that we have trucking companies that take care of that end for us. If you’re interested in a quote on delivery outside of Ontario please contact us directly and we’ll be pleased to assist you in a quote.

Do I need to anchor my new unit to anything so that it won’t blow away?
Absolutely not, it would take a hurricane force wind to move these units.

Do I need a building permit?
Typically no, but every township is different so we advise our customers to check with their township regarding building permits. Tiki Escapes is not responsible for building permits. It is up to you the customer to check first with your township regarding permits. In most areas anything under 10’x10’ does not require a permit; our units are also classed as portable which in most cases eliminates the need for a permit.

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