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Why do I have to use cedar for my sauna?
While other materials are occasionally used, cedar is by far the most popular and attractive sauna construction material. Cedar’s particular properties allow it to expand and contract. This is important in a sauna where the wood is exposed to extremely high, dry temperatures, interspersed with blasts of steam when water is splashed on the sauna heater.

Do I need a drain in my sauna floor?
The only reason you might need a drain in your sauna is if it is required by code. If the water is properly used with the heater there is very little left to sit on the floor. A drain is certainly optional but not necessary.

How do I set up my Electric Sauna Heater?

Our saunas all come with a CSA approved heater in the Manufacturers carton. There are manuals and set-up instructions in the box; you will need to hire a certified electrician to do the wiring after the structure is installed.

Is there an outside thermostat control or is it set on the heater/inside?

The only control on the Tylo sauna heater is built right on the heater.

Is there an automatic shut off if they forget turn it off?

There is a 60 minute timer on the sauna so your heater will shut off after running 60 minutes unless you reset it.

What kind of a warranty do you offer on the Tylo sauna heaters?
With each new Tylo Sauna heater you buy we offer a 3 year warranty.

How hot will my sauna get?
Preferred Temperatures for a traditional steam sauna are anywhere from 160 – 190 degrees. You can adjust that to your comfort after you have some sauna experience.

Do you supply the rocks with the sauna heater?
All Tylo and wood burning sauna heaters come with a 50lbs. box of sauna rocks.

If I buy a knotty sauna kit are the seats knotty as well?

All of our saunas are built with clear red cedar benches, head/back rests are clear red cedar as well.

Do your sauna kits come with the bucket and dipper or other sauna accessories?
All our sauna accessories we sell separate, they are additional to your sauna kit.

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