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Brings the tropics to your backyard or business instantly!

All sizes reflect trunk height from ground level to the top of the trunk

All trees up to 14' have a flat steel base for easy deck mounting,
mounting bolts included

Custom trees 16' and taller must go into the ground with a steel recieving sleeve (included)

8', 10', and 12' trees come with 5' fronds. 14' and taller trees come with 8' fronds

The 8', 10', and 12' trees can be upgraded with 8' fronds

All trees come with 2 artificial coconuts. Extra coconuts can be purchased in pairs.

Misting or high volume water systems can be added to any tree

Please call for pricing.  Installation is also available!

Popular Groupings: (trees are sold individually)

8' and 12' Island Breeze

Row of 10' Majestics

12' Majestic and 8' Island Breeze

12' and 14' Island Breeze


10' Island Breeze, 12' Majestic,
& 8' Island Breeze


10' and 8' Island Breeze

Your Oasis is just a phone call away...

To place an order call Tiki Escapes at 1-877-329-4949 or email us at


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