Will thatch roofing last in a winter climate? Yes, natural thatch roofing will last around 2-3 years in most winter climates. There are many factors that dictate the lifespan such as the amount of rain in any given season. We do also offer synthetic thatch products that carry up to a 20 year warranty.

Can I customize a tiki bar? Yes, we can custom build any size or shape of tiki bar, we also help you with the design process to ensure you end up with the perfect bar for your needs.

The wood on my tiki bar roof has cracks is this normal? Yes, a natural process that happens in wood products is called checking. Checking is when cracks open up in the wood surface due to expansion and contraction and does not affect the integrity of the roof.

Do you ship? Yes, we ship world wide, a freight quote will be provided to you so you know what the total costs will be.

My bamboo has cracks in it is this normal? Yes, as the bamboo expands and contracts it will develop cracks that sometimes run the entire length of the pole. The bamboo poles we sell are Moso poles and are used as decorative accents not structure.

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