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Manila Rope

Manila Rope

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Natural Manila Rope

Manila rope is the strongest of all natural fiber ropes and is made from premium grade Abaca fiber. It is suitable for many heavy-duty projects, as it is highly resistant to UV sunlight, has low stretch, and holds knots well. With a minimum Becker value of 36, Manila rope is the perfect choice for any outdoor project that requires superior strength and reliability.

Synthetic Manila Rope

Synthetic Manila Rope is made from film polypropylene fiber, creating a stronger yet lighter rope than natural fiber manila. It's stored wet or dry, UV stabilized, and still retains a nautical appearance. Lighter than natural fiber, it's the ideal choice for any outdoor project. Synthetic Manila Rope is a durable and dependable choice for a variety of applications. It offers the strength and superior knot-holding ability of natural manila, but without the risk of shedding fibers and causing slivers. It also has an even lower stretch rate than natural fiber manila.



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